Village Events

This page with a number of subpages provides a record of several village events of the past few years. Click the shaded links to straight to the subpage you want.
We need more submissions in this category so if you have photos, videos - or simply an article describing the event please send it in.

    A photo Gallery of this lively pub and guests

Celebration of the Battle of Trafalgar
    Enacted by Elmdon Players in October 2005. An amazing transformation of the Bus Shelter.

    Enacted by Elmdon Players in September 2010. At the Elmdon Dial.

    Good Weather brings the crowds. See who you can recognise

    See the results and witness the occasion - Cider from the 2013 pressing

    See how the Cider is produced - at least at the beginning of the process

    A brilliant evening at the Elmdon Dial May 2013

    Features a full length video of the play - The Three Queens

    A few photos of this annual event which passes through Elmdon