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Cider Pressing.

Cider Pressing in the Garden of the Elmdon Dial 2012

Cider Pressing 2014 with a report on the proceedings - left at the village Hall, right at Elmdon Lodge


This year’s apple pressing took place on two afternoons. The first was held on Saturday 20th September, and boy, did it rain. Nevertheless 5 entrants enjoyed the fun and some cooked their own lunch on the barbecue. A newly acquired apple press worked very well, and the existing apple pulveriser behaved itself this year, following some renovation from last year.

Copious quantities of apple juice were produced, and some was sold to passing cyclists at 50p a cup, proceeds to Village Hall funds.

As a few people were unable to attend the first pressing, a second one was held at Elmdon Lodge, on Saturday 11th October. A further 4 entrants took part. Thank you to Peter and Marie Syfret for allowing the use of their yard.

Apple Pressing