Elmdon Community Group

Elmdon Dial Update - February 2017

The following document provides an introduction to the newly formed Elmdon Community Group

Elmdon Community Group Introduction

As part of UDC's ongoing development of a new Local Plan for Uttlesford, the ECG has discovered that there was a 'Call for Sites’ by UDC back around April - June. This was responded to by a developer suggesting the 5 acre plot on the north side of Ickleton Road as being suitable for housing.
The ECG has located the completed form and the plans which had to accompany this on the UDC website at http://www.uttlesford.gov.uk/cfs2015 containing detailed proposals. If you follow the link then click on each of the blue highlighted sections under “Elmdon”,  you will find all the relevant information. 
UDC will be writing to the Parish Council in the New Year to ask for their comments on the information provided.  We have also discovered that it is possible for individual villagers to comment directly to UDC on this matter by e-mailing them at planningpolicy@uttlesford.gov.uk  
If you wish to help defeat this proposal at the desktop assessment stage, please e-mail UDC as soon as possible with your remarks, addressing how you feel about these plans and commenting on any specific points within developer’s answers that you do not agree with. We would urge you to act now to prevent this land being included within the development limits of Elmdon in the forthcoming Uttlesford Local Plan.


ps. If you need a print-out of the form and plans please contact the ECG by email at  elmdoncg@gmail.com or by contacting any ECG committee member and we will be happy to deliver them to you.

Uttlesford District Council - Call for Sites - Council Update