Great Chesterford - Stop New Town

Dear Residents of Elmdon, Duddenhoe End and Wenden Lofts,

Great Chesterford Parish Council has been engaged on behalf of all us to try to influence the thinking behind the Local Plan, specifically the inclusion of a 5,000 home New Town that will swamp our services and infrastructure.  It may seem a long way from your home, but they will all be travelling to where you are travelling to, competing for school places, doctors appointments, car parking spaces, train seats and queuing at road junctions for years to come.

Great Chesterford Parish Council has worked tirelessly to fight the Local Plan and have engaged a team of lawyers to make representations at the hearings in July. It doesn't come cheap, with a budget of £78k for professional fees being set out. This is a huge sum of money, yet it is a figure that would have been much larger if it not were for the efforts of our very own legal experts within the Parish Council who have given their time and energy for free.

But our Parish Council cannot do this without your support - they need money and they need it urgently.

The Action Group funding appeal is underway, and we are asking that local residents donate as much as they can to help us. It is vital that we support Great Chesterford Parish Council by acting now and making a donation. Full details are provided in our appeal letter attached and in the links below, including details of how and who to pay.

We are mid-way through the hearings and by all accounts the team representing Great Chesterford Parish Council have put in a truly outstanding performance. It's really encouraging to think that they really can make a difference; the hearings continue next week where the inspector's questions focusing on issues that UDC are going to find it extremely difficult to defend - transport, viability, sustainability, landscape and heritage, to name but a few planning buzzwords. Our legal team are primed to land a few punches and help clinch a decisive stroke.

The "A team"...

Our "read all about it" report...

Please donate as soon as you can, and whatever you can. Every donation that we receive, however small or large, will go directly to our Parish Council to help fund their legal and professional fees.

We are delighted with the donations that we have received to date - thank you all. However we still need to raise a further £26k over the next 4 weeks to pay for the best technical capability we can to stop this settlement. If you have not given yet or can even possibly contribute more then please do so by following the link below.

Thank you 
Gareth Bevens