Village Design Statement - Elmdon, Duddenhoe End and Wenden Lofts

Results from the Village Design Statement Questionnaire are reproduced here. These are the slides that were presented in the two exhibition held recently. Some of the the text is quite small so you might try clicking the pop out button in the top right hand corner to show in a new window. Alternatively, use the zoom controls at the foot of the displayed page.

Results from the Village Design Statement Questionnaire

With the support of the Parish Council a small group has been formed to create a Village Design
Statement for Elmdon, Duddenhoe End and Wendens Lofts.

The Village Design Statement will capture those physical and visual characteristics which are
distinctive and important to our residents and incorporate them into guidelines for the Planning
Department to be aware of when considering any future development of our villages.

With grateful thanks from the Village Design Statement Team

Ian Donaldson, Bridge Green Farm, Duddenhoe End. CB11 4XA.  01763838306.
Penelope Gaine, Crawley House, Elmdon. CB11 4LJ. 01763 838581.
Ali Porritt, The Old Stores, High Street, Elmdon.  CB11 4NL. 01763 836938.
Susanne Reich, Smallbrooks, Duddenhoe End. CB11 4UY. 01763 838937
Peter Syfret, Elmdon Lodge, Elmdon, CB11 4NH.  01763 838056.
Sarah Westerhuis, Rockells Farm, Duddenhoe End CB11  4UY. 01763 838614.
Bob Woods, 7 Elm Court, Elmdon, CB11 4NP.  01763 838014.