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Elmdon Community Projects

The Churchyard Volunteers

Volunteers working in the Churchyard on Saturday 26 September 2015; from L-R, Steve Baxter, Paul Rock, Christopher Trower, Hector Trower, Andy 
Knight, Joni Hall. 

A significant amount of regular and occasional volunteer work goes on in the
Churchyard - this is aimed at putting it into good shape and keeping it that
way. Throughout the summer months, David, Peter and Sam cut the broad
swathes of grass regularly, expertly and reliably - this saves the DCC a
considerable sum. Other work carried out by such as the team pictured above, includes
cutting and chipping the lime shoots, loading up the compost bins, clearing
timber from the bank and cutting back overhanging trees and bushes.

Sycamore logs from recent tree cutting on the bank have been cut and split
and by Autumn 2016 will be seasoned and available to Parishioners in return
for a donation to Church funds.

In the afternoon of 26 September, there were eight villagers working in the
Churchyard - we should extend our thanks and appreciation to them and also
welcome any other volunteers who would like to help. It was particularly
good to see that, in addition to the long-established village characters in
the photo, relative newcomers to the village also participated to great
effect. Elmdon Churchyard is a beautiful and peaceful place and well worth
the time and effort it takes to keep it in the condition which it deserves.

Nick Elbourn
Churchyard Manager