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Elmdon Neighbourhood Watch exists to help us as a community to be more aware of potential criminal activity and to enable early warnings of burglaries and so forth. We are a subsidiary of Uttlesford Neighbourhood Watch and in turn part of the National network.
Membership of the group enables sharing of information through the coordinator, receipt of weekly bulletins and sharing of other communications from the network concerning, for example, tips for household security, advice on Internet and phone based scams. The scheme is accredited and so may allow members a small discount on house insurance. The membership list is held securely and confidentially and all communications are sent anonymously by blind copy.
As this is a public website there will be no detailed information here about crimes that may have been reported. If you are not already a member and would like to join please send an email to Graham Knight, Elmdon Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator with name, address and contact phone number.

Below you will find various publications including the Uttlesford NHW Observer newsletter

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The Essex Neighbourhood Watch Website can be found here

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