Technical Information

The website platform

This website is built on the Google Sites platform. This was chosen primarily because it is very easy to set up from scratch with pre built templates and no need to write complicated HTML or CSS. Public access to the site is through a purchased domain name ( and in principle that is the only essential expense. Authorised users with Google accounts can be assigned editing rights to the whole site or to specific pages.
I have deliberately kept the site quite simple for now. The emphasis is on providing information in a clear and unambiguous fashion. I have also kept it simple to assist those of us who have relatively slow internet connection speeds (all of us!) so there are no fancy graphics or gizmos. I have found that performance is more a function of the speed of the computer than the line speed. Old computers with old browsers perform noticeably slower than newer machines. 

Google Sites is built on a secure platform and it may be that some content on the site is blocked by your browser although I hope that I have fixed any problems in this area. If you find that any part of any page is blocked by your browser please let me know and I will investigate.

Another reason for using Google Sites is that Google Analytics is relatively easy to implement so I can track usage, which pages are being viewed, and so on.

First month usage statistics

Note: If you see a message to say that Adobe Reader is blocked for this website click the forward arrow at the end of the message and choose "Trust"

First month usage statistics

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