Broadband and Telecoms

Elmdon – A Digital Village

Superfast Broadband

Following an unexpectedly high take-up of Superfast Broadband in Elmdon, all the installed capacity of the BT Openreach cabinet in Elmdon was quickly used up.  Further orders were therefore being refused.  Additional capacity was recently provided and, hopefully, all upgrade orders are being or have been met. 

There continues to be a shortage of spare lines from the Chrishall exchange to Elmdon, so any orders for additional phone lines continue to be severely delayed.

Openreach has identified a location where the cables serving Elmdon have likely been crushed.  They are applying to the council to close the road while repairs take place.  One month’s notice is required.  Once completed there should be more telephone pairs available to cater for new line orders.

Mobile Coverage

Vodafone recently installed kit at four locations in Elmdon to give improved Vodafone mobile phone coverage across most of Elmdon via their Rural Open Sure Signal (ROSS) project.  The project, funded entirely by Vodafone, involves providing Vodafone mobile coverage in rural mobile ‘not spots’ in up to 100 villages in the UK.

Each location in Elmdon (‘cell’) utilises its own dedicated superfast broadband connection, provided by Openreach.   The first cell in Elmdon went live in the middle of March, and two more are now up and running.  The last cell is awaiting a new telephone line for a broadband connection, so it is dependent on the roadworks mentioned above.  The installation of each cell has been somewhat protracted so, thank you to the four hosts for bearing with us.

The service is available to all users on the Vodafone 3G network and does not require special phones or software.

For users on the mobile networks owned by O2 and EE, a different service is available to many but not all users.  These utilise WiFi, so are limited to use within the relatively limited range of Wifi hotspots, and may only be available to users whose mobile phones are on contract, i.e. not pay as you go.  In some cases it may also be phone-model specific.  An advantage is that all open access Wifi hotspots may be used, anywhere in the UK or Europe. The services are respectively:

O2 – Tu Go

EE – WiFi Calling

Malcolm Ingham