Digital Demand Responsive Transport (D-DRT) Survey

Essex County Council has launched a survey to judge how best to deliver this kind of local transport service. They want to understand the potential interest in this kind of service; residents' concerns and any potential issues. It seems that this kind of service would be very useful in our community and your participation in this survey would be very helpful. 

The survey will close on 1st November 2020

The survey can be found at

What is Digital Demand Responsive Transport (D-DRT)?

Digital Demand Responsive Transport (D-DRT) operates flexibly, where you want, when you want (think of it like a shared Uber). It is not like a conventional bus, which runs to a fixed timetable, stops and routes.

A D-DRT service uses smaller vehicles, such as minibuses, and can be pre-booked in advance (like a taxi) or booked on-demand (when you need it quickly).

The service uses a mobile phone app that enables you to book your journey, see in real-time when the vehicle will arrive and make payment. For those without a smartphone, telephone booking remains an option.

Typically, D-DRT is a shared service with other passengers who are going in a similar direction or destination. They will pick you up near to your actual origin and drop you at your destination – think of it as a service that offers the benefits of both a personalised taxi service and a conventional fixed route bus.

How would the app work?

To get started, you’d enter your origin and choose your destination in the app. The app will then offer a proposed journey instantly, along with the estimated time of arrival at the desired pick-up point, the short walking route to the pick-up point, expected journey time and the cost.

Upon confirming your journey, your seat will be guaranteed.

It should be noted that the app will not let you book a journey that can be reasonably taken by existing public transport provision.

Travelling with friends or family?

One passenger can book for themselves and for up to five other people to travel together on the same vehicle.

Why We Are Consulting

We want to gather residents’ views on Digital Demand Responsive Transport (D-DRT) to inform a potential future strategy around this and how it may lead to more sustainable travel and reduced car-use in Essex.

The survey is one of the inputs alongside other primary and secondary research into the field of D-DRT, conducted as part of a project with Anglia Ruskin University.

This survey seeks to:
Understand the level of interest for this type of service;
Understand any Essex residents’ concerns; and
Identify any issues not already considered by Essex County Council.

Please note that this is not a full formal consultation, it is a research survey to obtain residents' views on D- DRT. 

Uttlesford District Council Tree Planting Initiative

Our local Parish Council will welcome suggestions from anyone in the parish who has ideas how we could take advantage of this scheme. Please contact the Pariah Council Clerk whose contact details can be found on the Parish Council Page.

All town and parish councils in the district inviting participation in our Tree Planting Initiative for the planting season 2020/21.

Town and parish council are invited to submit to UDC native tree and/or hedging planting proposals on land in their ownership. The successful schemes will be provided with the plant stock and sundries, ordered, paid for, and delivered to site by UDC, for planting to be arranged and undertaken by the town or parish council. The plants provided would be bare root stock, with the exception of yew and common holly which would be containerised. Trees will normally be supplied as standards and hedging plants as whips at a size of 600-900mm. Trees for woodland planting would be supplied as whips. Planting sundries would be provided, including stakes and ties for standard trees, and guards/tubes for whips. The scheme will be restricted to proposals which include not less than 5 trees, or 10m of hedging plants.

There is no application form. In the first instance, I would be grateful if your council would advise me at the earliest whether you wish to express an interest in participating in the scheme. Following which, plans showing the planting location/s and the details of the proposed planting should be submitted. I can provide advice and guidance on tree species selection and appropriate species mixtures for hedging.

It is recognised that this invitation comes late in the year with the planting season fast approaching. This has been a result of the COVID-19 emergency and a consequential uncertainty in respect of the availability of certain funding streams.

Ben Smeeden

Landscape Officer

Essex Honours Scheme

Essex County Council is requesting nominations for a National Honour Award for those who are deemed to have earned recognition for exceptional acts of good citizenship and achievements in public life. A brochure about this scheme can be found here. This will open the document in a new window or tab.

Elmdon & Wenden Lofts Parish Council, and many other organisations, has been approached, on behalf of the Lord Lieutenant for Essex, to encourage residents to nominate citizens for national honours.  Essex people are being actively encouraged to nominate that special person, the ordinary person whose actions often go unrecognised but who make a big difference to the community, especially in the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Honours are usually published in the New Year and on the Queen’s official birthday in June.  However, the honours list was delayed in 2020 until the autumn to allow nominations to be made to reflect those involved with work during the emergency. 

If you know of an individual, voluntary group or business that has made a big difference to others during lockdown, then please nominate them for an honour.

Nominations can be made through a special section on the Government website


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