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School Transport has been highlighted as a problem in some areas of Uttlesford. The Parish Council has been asked if this is the situation in the Parish of Elmdon and Wenden Lofts. If anyone has comments or suggestions they should contact the Parish Council Clerk (Sheila Jones at jsheila285@gmail.comin the first instance who will relay these to County Councillors Pavitt and Gregory.


Elmdon is a small and attractive village in the North West corner of the county of Essex. It lies 6 miles to the West of Saffron Walden and 15 miles South of Cambridge. It is close to the M11 and to rail services from Audley End to London, Cambridge, Ely and Birmingham. Stansted airport lies about 20 miles South of the village.

It was first recorded in the Domesday Book and is still primarily a farming village, though long gone are the times when the majority of the inhabitants worked the land. Some 120 dwellings are home to 380 inhabitants. 

The village is popular with walkers, hikers and dog walkers as it is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and unspoilt countryside in North West Essex. The roads around are very popular with cyclists as, in contrast with much of the rest of the county it is quite hilly. The village is about 350 feet above sea level and from the highest points there are fantastic views to the North and South. On clear days, Ely Cathedral can be seen to the North.

The church of Saint Nicholas is at the centre of the village and sports not only a fine clock by Smith of Derby but also a stained glass window sundial. You can find more about the church and its services and activities on the relevant page.

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Updated - 23rd January 2020 

  • Elmdon Gazette February 2020 on Publications Page
  • Elmdon Parish Council Meeting Minutes 7th January 2020 on Parish Council Page also dates for meetings 2020-2021
  • Notice of a survey into School Transport in Uttlesford on the home page above
  • An appeal from Great Chesterford about their project to stop the New Town proposed in the Local Plan can be found here
  • Notice of Parish Council Accounts for 2018-2019 3rd document on Parish Council PageAGAR - Annual Governance and Accountability Return
  • Date of Parish Council Meeting in October changed to 22nd October
  • Update on the Maltings on Elmdon Community Group page 
  • Updates to the Elmdon Community Group pages - Introduction and Constitution on the Elmdon Community Group page
  • Notice of District Council Election Candidates 2019 on Elections Sub-Page
  • Updated Parish Council Asset Register on Parish Council Page (revision from the version posted March 2019)
  • Notices of forthcoming Parish and District Elections on Elections Sub-page
  • Village Design Statement draft report on Village Design Statement sub-page
  • The back numbers of the Elmdon Gazette have been reorganised on Publications Page
  • The results from the Village Design Statement, in slide presentation form, can be found HERE
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Public Transport

On the Local Information page I have added a tip on how to find out about public transport - not only from Elmdon but to and from almost any obscure place that can be imagined. If you need to catch the bus and have no idea which company to use or where to find the timetable just try the tip on the Local Information page.

Also a new article about the recently announced DaRT bus service. DaRT stands for Demand Responsive Transport. You ring a number (shown on the page), tell them where you want to go - tell them where you want to be picked up - give 2 hours notice and your transport will await. Give it a try!