200 Club

Elmdon Village Fund 200 Club

The first draw for the Elmdon Village Hall 200 Club took place on Saturday 6th June 2020 - see right

The current monthly prizes are £35, £25 and £15  with occasional months having an additional bonus.

See below for 200 Club rules and aims.

Lottery draw 060620IMG_2998.MOV

The winners of the July 2024 draw were:

1st Mike Starr

2nd Clare Kay

3rd Charlotte and Christopher Trower     

Previous Winners:


 January 2021

1st Ali and Sam Porritt 

2nd Julia and Peter Armstrong 

3rd Jane and Terry Jackson

February 2021

1st Martin Ainsworth

2nd Jo Carter

3rd David Hill 

March 2021

 1st Peter Syfret

 2nd Martin Ainsworth

 3rd Helen Horn


April 2021

1st David Hill

2nd Charles Anderson

3rd Jenny & Melvin Clayden


May 2021

1st David Hill

2nd Charles Anderson

3rd Sam & Ali Porritt

June 2021

1st Bob Woods

2nd Lee Evans

3rd Anne Mount

July 2021
1st Henry & Fiona Philip

2nd Crista & John Steele

3rd Sheila Jones

August 2021
1st John & Carol Barrow 

2nd Jackie Tearne 

3rd Jenny & Melvin Clayden 

September 2021
1st   Sheila Jones

2nd  Mrs Marilyn Travers

3rd   Paul & Tessa Rock

October 2021
1st   Naomi and Andrew Sutton

2nd  Alison and Stephen Baxter

3rd   Crista and John Steele

November 2021
1st   Bridget Green 

2nd  Phil Kay 

3rd   Crista and John Steele

December 2021
1st   Colin Mount  

2nd  Charlotte Trower  

3rd   Stephen and Kathleen Woolverton 


 January 2022

1st Stephen and Ali Baxter 

2nd Crista and John Steele 

3rd Peter and Sallie Home 

February 2022

1st Charlie Anderson 

2nd Helen Horn 

3rd Henry and Fiona Philip  

March 2022

1st Anne Mount  

2nd Bridget Green  

3rd Clare Kay  

April 2022

1st Margaret Marsden   

2nd Crista & John Steele   

3rd Martin Ainsworth  

May 2022

1st Judy Milward    

2nd Ned Tozer    

3rd Pat and Malcolm Ingham  

June 2022

1st  Alan & Maureen Starr

2nd  Sam & Ali Porritt

3rd  Olga & Bogdan Radniana

July 2022

11st  Charlie Anderson

2nd Alan Horn

3rd  Jenny & Melvin Clayden

August 2022

1st  Martin Ainsworth

2nd Jenny & Melvin Clayden

3rd  Naomi & Andrew Sutton

September 2022

1st  Jyette Simmons

2nd Crista & John Steele

3rd  Ned Tozer

October 2022

1st   Irene Lennard

2nd  Lee Evans

3rd  Anthony Russell

November 2022

1st Helen Frenay

2nd Rosa Bates

3rd  Stephen & Ali Baxter

December 2022

1st  Jennet Ashton

2nd Jyette Simmons

3rd David Murphy


 January 2023

1st  Peter Syfret

2nd Bob & Jane Pledger

3rd  Ann Keates

February 2023

1st  Colin Hellyer

2nd Sam & Ali Porritt

3rd  Helen Frenay

March 2023

1st  Alan Horn

2nd Ann Keates

3rd  Emma Briggs  

April 2023

1st   Paul & Tessa Rock

2nd  Charlotte & Christopher Trower

3rd  Naomi & Andrew Sutton  

May 2023

1st  John & Crista Steele

2nd Mrs Marilyn Travers

3rd  Malcolm & Pat Ingham

June 2023

1st  Maggy Dixon

2nd Janice & Maureen Batty

3rd  Jytte Simmons

July 2023

1st  Jennet Ashton

2nd Pat & Malcolm Ingham

3rd  Charlotte & Christopher Trower

August 2023

1st  Crista & John Steele

2nd Jytte Simmons

3rd  Bob & Wendy Woods

September 2023

1st  Alex Hunter

2nd Mark & Sarah Swinburn

3rd  Sam & Ali Porritt

October 2023

1st  Yolanda Teuton

2nd Colin Hellyer

3rd  Henry & Fiona Philip

November 2023

1st  Paul & Tessa Rock

2nd Martin Ainsworth

3rd  Penny Elbourn

December 2023

1st  Jennet Ashton

2nd Jyette Simmons

3rd David Murphy


 January 2024

1st Jytte Simmons

2nd Paul and Tessa Rock

3rd Helen Frenay

February 2024

1st  Petrea & Matthew Fagan

2nd Jane & Bob Pledger

3rd  Julia & Peter Armstrong

March 2024

1st  Yolanda Teuton

2nd Colin Hellyer

3rd  Pat & Malcolm Ingham

April 2024

1st  Mark Lafferty & Family

2nd Sam & Ali Porritt

3rd Stephen & Kathleen Wolverton

May 2024

1st  Julia & Peter Armstrong

2nd Paul & Tessa Rock

3rd  Sheila Jones

June 2024

1st  Helen Horn

2nd Charlie Anderson

3rd  Graham & Diane Knight

July 2024

1st Mike Starr

2nd Clare Kay

3rd Charlotte and Christopher Trower


June 2020

1st James Cross 

2nd Alan Horne 

3rd Malcolm Ingham

July 2020

1st Sam and Ali Porritt

2nd Jackie Tearne

3rd Judy Millward

August 2020

1st Penny and Nick Elbourn

2nd Penelope and Michael Gaine

3rd Ned Tozer

September 2020

1st Jenny and Melvin Clayden

2nd Simon and Ollie Oughton

3rd Judy Millward

October 2020

1st Yolanda Teuten

2nd Maureen and Alan Starr

3rd lison and Stephen Baxter

November 2020

1st Paul and Tessa Rock 

2nd Bob and Wendy Woods

3rd Lee Evans

December 2020 (Double Prize Month) 

1st John and Crista Steele

2nd Lee Evans

3rd Charlie Anderson

ELMDON VILLAGE FUND 200 Club Lottery Rules rev GK 050520.pdf