Duddenhoe End
Wenden Lofts

Calendar of Meetings

Calendar Meetings for Elmdon, Duddenhoe End
& Wenden Lofts Parish Council
Revised March 2024 

Each meeting starts at 7.00pm on the dates listed, usually a Thursday.  The meetings alternate between Elmdon and Duddenhoe End Village Halls, with the AGM being held at Duddenhoe End which can accommodate a larger number of attendees. If there is any change to the schedule it will be reported here and on the Parish Council notice boards located outside the in Elmdon and Duddenhoe End village halls and at Lower Pond Street.  The agenda will also be posted on these three notice boards and on this web site.

The agenda will be published here and available from the Clerk, a week before the meeting.

01763 838518 or email clerk.edewlpc@gmail.com

Meeting Dates

Thursday 11 January - Duddenhoe End

Thursday 15 February - Elmdon

Thursday   4 April - Duddenhoe End

Thursday 16 May - Duddenhoe End

Thursday 20 June - Elmdon

Thursday 15 August - Duddenhoe End

Thursday 19 September - Elmdon

Thursday 24 October - Duddenhoe End

Thursday   5 December - Elmdon


Thursday   9 January - Duddenhoe End

Thursday 13 February - Elmdon

Thursday 27 March - Duddenhoe End

Thursday   8 May - Duddenhoe End

All meetings start at 7.00 pm.