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Council Accounts

Elmdon Duddenhoe End and Wenden Lofts Parish Council

The Publication of Parish Council Accounts

The Accounts are published after each meeting by way of a Spending Report to each set of Minutes which details all payments, income and any other expenditure. 

It is the practice of the Elmdon & Wenden Lofts Parish Council to be as transparent as possible and full details, including the Clerk’s and RFO’s salaries are published, although individual’s names are redacted but the amounts are shown. It is intended that any resident/parishioner can view them with ease and transparency. 

These reports are published here, together with the Annual Governance Statement (AGAR) submitted in part to the designated External Auditor (PKF Littlejohn LLB who replace the district auditor for this purpose), the end of year accounts, approved at the AGM each year; all of which have been audited by the Council’s Internal Auditor. 

As Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) I would prefer to avoid jargon with the parish council’s accounts but sometimes we are required to use ‘government- speak’ – this next paragraph really can’t be written in any other way.

Elmdon & Wenden Lofts Parish Council is classified as a ‘Smaller Authority’ where the higher of all gross income or gross annual expenditure does not exceed £25,000 and as such can certify itself as exempt from sending the completed AGAR to the external auditor for a limited assurance review. If this should change in the future the Parish Council would be subject to a limited assurance review by the external auditor.

The Internal Auditor is currently Maurice Howard FCPA.  His report will be available, in full, on this website following the completion of the audit process.  

There is a designated period for the exercise of public rights relating to the publishing of the accounts each year, A statement relating to this exercise is published on this website, although the information can be made available at any time, by arrangement.

We will receive the External Auditors comments, if they feel it necessary to issue any, usually in September, and they will be published here.

Should any interested parishioner wish to view the accounts in any other format than here (software & printing costs not withstanding) please contact me, the Parish Council’s RFO Jane Guy rfo.edewlpc@gmail.com or through the Parish Clerk, Sheila Jones clerk.edewlpc@gmail.com 

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