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The following article was written by Malcom Ingham and published in the March 2022 issue of The Gazette.  

It outlines the move to convert all current Public Switched Telephone Network PSTN) telephones to digital Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service by 2025 and details the service offered be BT.


BT has started to send out letters to Elmdon customers who have BT Broadband about the move to Digital Voice. This concerns the move of the BT telephone service from the old main copper network to fibre (digital). The changeover will be phased with individual customers gradually being invited to participate so, if you have not yet received an invitation do not worry.

Residents who have broadband supplied by other suppliers such as Sky, Talk Talk, Gigaclear etc. are not affected; their supplier will be in touch later to arrange their own service migration.

Once I am invited to move to Digital Voice, what should I do?

If your existing phone is located next to your BT Smart Hub 2, simply plug

your phone into the currently taped-over phone socket on the back of the Smart Hub 2. If your BT hub is an earlier version, BT should be sending you a Smart Hub 2 version free of charge. If your phone is not located next to your Smart Hub 2, you will need a Digital Voice Adaptor for your existing phone. On request, BT will send you one adaptor free of charge. The adaptor communicates wirelessly with your hub. Alternatively, BT will send you a digital voice phone to replace your existing phone, again free of charge, and it too will communicate wirelessly with your Smart hub 2. Once the changeover has been completed, please note:

• All dialled calls must include the full national dialling code eg 01763 837078, not 837078.

• During a power cut, you will have no phone service. BT will supply a back-up power supply to vulnerable customers so that calls to 999 can be made.

• There will be no change to the line coming in to your house.

What if I have phone line but no broadband service?

Please contact BT on 0800 800 150 and tell them of this.

A full description of what is involved can be found below.

There is also a link there to a ‘Which’ article which explains in simple terms what is happening generally with the switch to digital services and why.

If you have any problems, please contact Malcolm Ingham at

First published March 2022 reproduce by courtesy of  The Gazette

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