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Items posted here have been received by the Parish Council with a request to publicise them for the benefit of the community at large.

The Hundred Parishes Society

We have added another walk to our website - 4.5 very pleasant miles through and Elmdon, Wenden Lofts and Chrishall. See the walk guide to the right which contains a map and can be downloaded and printed.

For other walks within the Hundred Parishes see:
The Hundred Parishes - Walks

via The hundred Parishes- Posted 07/08/21

THP - Walk 164 Elmdon and Chrishal.pdf

Local Hero!

A picture of the newly refurbished Parish Council notice board at Cross Hill Elmdon, beautifully restored by Melvin.

The noticeboard was in dire repair, the back was coming apart and all the vital information on the paper notices contained within was damp and going mouldy.

Melvin undertook the repair during the hottest week so far this year - the result a smart clean and dry notice board - a joy to behold.

Thank you Melvin!

Parish Council Notice Board following renovation.