We are now Elmdon, Duddenhoe End and Wenden Lofts Parish Council


Elmdon and Wenden Lofts Parish Council was invited by Uttlesford District Council to comment on the document Community Governance Review of Parishes originally published in 2019.

The existing Parish council administers both Elmdon and Wenden Lofts, which were two separate parishes until 1958. The main centre of population is the village of Elmdon plus the hamlets of Duddenhoe End and Lower Pond Street. E&WLPC membership consists of seven parish councillors, four from Elmdon, two from Duddenhoe End and one from Wenden Lofts. Currently, (UDC Electoral register published December 2020) the total electorate for the three wards in Elmdon & Wenden Lofts area is 511, comprised as follows

  • Elmdon village 285

  • Duddenhoe End 168

  • Wenden Lofts 58

The Parish Council at the meeting on 17 June 2021 (Minute 21:52b(ii)) suggested renaming the Parish Council, Elmdon, Duddenhoe End and Wenden Lofts Parish Council to reflect the areas of highest population and retain the historic nature of the area. Historical evidence for the area shows the name Wenden Loughs (sic) along with the defunct Wenden Magna and Wenden Parva, and Dodenhoe Grange/Duddenhoe End which it is believed relates to a ‘duddas hoe’ a ploughed furrow, but many other explanations exist. Elmdon, evidenced in the Doomsday records of 1086, apparently derives its name from an elm on a hill, although other explanations abound.

This suggestion was adopted by Uttlesford District Council and a document under seal of that authority was confirmed on 28 February 2022. The full document is reproduced below, of which our change of name forms only a small part (Para 3, Page2).

Order_signed and sealed 28 02 2022.pdf